Welcome to CUORE of Switzerland!

Cuore is excited to be a partner and exclusive apparel supplier for the 4th Annual Ride On for WBR 2018. At Cuore we believe strongly in WBR’s mission to help change lives through The Power of Bicycles. Cuore will be helping contribute to WBR’s goal of raising $250,000 and will match all purchases up to $10,000 with our support going directly to purchase bicycles and other needs of the WBR community.

For those of you that are new to Cuore, we are a Swiss cycling, triathlon and run custom apparel company that has been outfitting the pro peloton to enthusiast for over 30 years. Cuore is a global business with our own manufacturing and we take great pride in designing, researching and developing the best apparel to suit your ever needs on the roads or trail.

WBR and Cuore are happy to offer up our collection of cycling apparel in the exact design you have been riding during the fundraiser. Our process is simple and you have the chance to ride in apparel that truly will enhance your experience, performance and comfort on the bike.

Thanks for visiting!